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Clean Eating Tricks for Busy Parents

Clean Eating Tricks for Busy Parents


Tricks and shortcuts are what keep busy moms sane. Being able to cut time out of a long task is essential to get all of the chores done. Clean eating does require more work than the average diet.

You’ll be making most of your meals and snacks. When you have tricks that you can use that helps you save time.

Here are 5 tricks that will make clean eating easier:

  1.  Make Time To Prep Your Food Weekly

Being prepared for the week ahead will save you time during the week. Not only that, but it will keep you from worrying about what’s for dinner or what to give the kids for snacks. Prepare it all ahead of time and you’ll be covered.

  1. Keep Fruit & Vegetables Where You Can See Them

One way to keep on track when you are living a healthier lifestyle is to make sure that all fruits and vegetables are where you can see them. With fruits that can be out on the counter make sure they are visible. Buy a bright bowl to draw the eye to what’s inside.

In the fridge get a container to put all cut up fruit in. You’ll want to cut it up, so that it is easy to grab and go.

  1. Find Kitchen Gadgets and Tools To Make The Job Easier

You can find all sorts of kitchen gadgets and tools. There are crock pots so that you can put all ingredients in the pot in the morning and have dinner by the time you come home.

A pressure cooker will quickly cook beans that you’re going to be eating a lot of for the protein. They have a tool called a Spiralizer that will turn vegetables into noodles (the healthy type of course!).

Figure out what you’ll need to make the most of your experience and you can find it. Using tools will help speed up prep time.

  1. Have the Kids Help and Make Recipe Decisions

When prep time comes around have your kids help. Depending on age they can wash the vegetables and fruits, help cut up snack items and help cook the meat for the week ahead.

Another great trick is to have them pick a few recipes they will enjoy. This works really well for younger children that might have issues changing the way they eat. When children help and participate in the decision making or cooking process they are more likely to try the food.

  1. Carry Clean Eating Snacks & a Water Bottle Everywhere

Not only do you have to prepare during the week, but also be prepared when you leave the house. Make sure to include snacks at all times. You never know when you or one of your children will get hungry. Chances are good that if you have to stop at a store they are not going to have healthy options let alone clean eating choices.

Also bring your water bottle with you at all times. That way you’ll keep hydrated and won’t get something you shouldn’t have if you get thirsty when out and about.

As you can see having tricks up your sleeve as a parent is essential. Work these five tips into your daily life of clean eating and the process will be easier.


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